Covid-19 Response


On March 18th, LivableStreets sent out a statement that detailed our response to COVID-19 and providing useful resources. Please check out our initial response on the LivableStreets' website here.

We’re launching a blog series to explore the challenges facing mobility right now and the variety of situations that make this time especially challenging for some people. Please read our first blog post here.

While much of it is still relevant, we wanted to share this information with our Emerald Network supporters, and provide a perspective focused specifically on greenways and greenspace. During this time of uncertainty and physical distancing, being outdoors has become an important part of many peoples' daily lives. In addition to recommendations around physical distancing, here are specific actions you can take to safely share and utilize our greenspace.

  1. Keep Your Distance: We strongly encourage physical distancing as a way to flatten the curve and protect our community. This is important to maintain when outside. As many people flock to the outdoors, it's important to be mindful of whether maintaining six feet of distancing is possible when arriving at an open space, greenway, or park, and to avoid those areas when adequate distancing is not possible.

  2. Explore New Areas + Shift Your Schedule: Visit MAPC's Trail Map or our Emerald Network Map and greenway stories to find other areas that may be less crowded. Consider going outdoors at "off-peak" times, or going on days when the weather isn't ideal.

  3. Follow the Rules: Green spaces are an integral part of our communities, especially during this challenging time of physical distancing. To ensure that our parks and trails do not close, it is important that we follow the rules to ensure that our green and open spaces are available for everyone's use.

We know how challenging this time is and how important it is to stay connected to community. We encourage you to stay involved through any of the ways above, and to check-in on your friends, family, and neighbors. Sign up for a weekly dose of Walking Positivity from WalkBoston, and share any bike travel stories with Boston Cyclists Union on social media using the hashtag #BostonBikeStory.

Additional Resources

  1. Park guidelines dictated by the Department of Conservation and Recreation
  2. List of Mutual Aid Networks throughout Metro Boston
  3. Response Funds and Advice from The Boston Foundation
  4. Resources from Massachusetts Immigration & Refugee Advocacy Coalition
  5. Samaritans' 24/7 Crisis Hotline remains open
  6. The National Domestic Violence Hotline remains open

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Thank you for your support and be well!

Program Director Ambar Johnson