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Featured Greenway: East Boston Greenway

The East Boston Greenway is in many ways a success story for advocates of urban trails. The work of local advocacy groups like the Boston Natural Areas Network, Friends of the East Boston Greenway, and Airport Impact Relief, Inc. has lead to the creation of a remarkably continuous corridor, connecting major open spaces in a neighborhood that has historically been fragmented by infrastructure like the MBTA Blue Line, Route 1A and Logan Airport.  Continue reading

Greenway Story: Launch of the Emerald Network Newsletter

Every year, spring unlocks a rush of activity in Greater Boston. People linger in parks and on the streets, connecting with friends and neighbors. As we launch our inaugural issue of the Emerald Network newsletter, evidence to support our vision is everywhere: Public spaces expand our sense of well-being and overall quality of life. Continue reading

Featured Greenway: Greenough Greenway

Greenough Greenway is a mile-long linear park located on the Charles River between the Eliot Bridge and the Arsenal Street Bridge in Watertown. Constructed in 1965, Greenough Boulevard was primarily characterized by wide car lanes dominating the river's shore and encouraging speeding. The Greenough Greenway project reclaimed a mile of waterfront parkland from the overbuilt highway and connected one of the best five kilometer path loops in Greater Boston.  Continue reading