The Emerald Network is an initiative of LivableStreets Alliance, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) advocacy organization. LivableStreets is dedicated to improving transportation systems in Metro Boston, specifically focusing on unlocking access and opportunity for neighborhoods that have seen previous disinvestment.

The organization recognizes that transportation is linked to economic justice, public health, and a thriving ecosystem. It works towards solutions to make communities connected and livable for everyone.

One of the ways LivableStreets is making this vision a reality is by connecting and completing the Emerald Network, a 250+ mile network of linked greenway paths across Metro Boston. When completed, the Emerald Network will be a system of safe, non-motorized pathways that parallel routes that many people already travel for commutes, pleasure, and exercise. As the network expands connections to transit, jobs, and open space, it has the power to transform how we get around the city and the region.

LivableStreets provides support to build new linear parks as well as link together existing greenways. It does this by writing comment letters, activating community support, connecting local activists to allies, and collaborating with municipalities and agencies. 

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