Welcome to the Emerald Network resource library. The resources below highlight some of the specific work we are doing to advance neighborhood greenways, and also outline some of the big picture goals and best practices for greenway paths. Feel free to use and share widely!

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Two people walk down a tree-lined greenway alongside a busy divided road.Quick Facts

Click on any of the titles below to view a fact sheet that is easy to download and share. We developed these one-pagers to help people learn and talk about the benefits of common transportation planning concepts that are being implemented today for safer, more livable streets.


Presentations, Maps & Guides

We're happy to share the following resources created by the Emerald Network Team and our partners. We hope you find them useful as you get to know and explore all that the Emerald Network has to offer.

Columbia Road Gender and Mobility Initiative poster

Columbia Road Gender and Mobility Initiative

We hope this initiative will remove mobility limitations that stem from gender inequities through gender-specific participatory processes that elevate the perceptions of women and non-binary people making the planning process more representative and inclusive.

What Counts in Mobility? report

What Counts in Mobility? report

Read our findings regarding transportation modeling, policy, and decision making we completed in 2020 with students from Tufts University. Summary report coming soon.

A graphic from the Emerald Network Introduction

The Emerald Network: An Introduction

Learn why and how the Emerald Network will have serious impact for people in Metro Boston.

A map of Boston with Emerald Network paths highlighted

Emerald Network Maps

See all of our Emerald Network Maps here exploring Boston's urban core, environmental impacts, and transportation connections.

Cover of the Roslindale Arboretum Gateway Path study

Roslindale Arboretum Gateway Path

Read a summary of the feasibility study we completed in 2016 with students from Tufts University.

Cover of the Wayfinding Guide

Wayfinding Guide

Learn best practices for planning signage and other wayfinding that will help a greenway project thrive! Includes real-life examples from around the U.S.

A map showing part of Watertown

Watertown Regional Greenway Connections

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to bike to destinations in and around Watertown? This handy guide, created by the Watertown Bicycle + Pedestrian Committee, is a great resource for those interested in doing more riding.

A map showing part of the American Legion Parkway

American Legion Parkway

What would the American Legion Highway look like if it was designed as a functional and safe roadway for all ages, modes, and abilities? In 2017, we teamed up with the American Legion Corridor Coalition, and students from Northeastern University to complete a study of the corridor and generate a design for a greenway.

A map of Columbia Road in Boston

Activating Columbia Road: Reframing a Missing Link

Read a summary of previous studies of Columbia Road we completed in 2019 with students from Tufts University.

Full Length Report

5 Page Report

University Press of Florida: The Greenway Imperative

Greenways Inc: Benefits of Greenways

Read about the benefits of Greenways as enumerated by Chuck Flink, founder and president of Greenways Incorporated.

Explore a Greenway

Metro Boston has a wealth of existing greenway paths that we are working hard to connect into a 200+ mile seamless network — take a virtual tour and discover a new greenway today!

Wellington Greenway
July 2017

Eyes on the Street: Wellington Greenway, July 2017

Mystic River Greenway
June 2017

Eyes on the Street: Mystic River Greenway, June 2017

Neponset River Greenway
June 2017

Eyes on the Street: Neponset River Greenway, June 2017

Watertown Greenway
June 2017

Eyes on the Street: Watertown Greenway, June 2017

Southwest Corridor
February 2017

Eyes on the Street: Southwest Corridor, February 2017

Greenough Greenway, Watertown
January 2017

Eyes on the Street: Greenough Greenway, Watertown, January 2017

Cycle Track Construction
December 2016

Eyes on the Street: Cycle Track Construction on Staniford and Causeway Streets, December 2016

Route 9 Emerald Network Crossing
October 2016

Eyes on the Street: Route 9 Emerald Network Crossing, October 2016

Arboretum Gateway Path Visioning Session
March 2016

Arboretum Gateway Path Visioning Session March 2016

Columbia Road Workshop
October 2015

Columbia Road Workshop, October 2015

Emerald Network Summer Ride
July 2015

Emerald Network Summer Ride, July 2015