Imagine one continuous greenway from the Neponset River to Franklin Park and up Columbia Road to Castle Island. Or from the Mystic River through Sullivan Square and Charlestown to downtown Boston.

This is the future: 200+ miles of seamless greenways in Boston and beyond. When completed, this system will connect every neighborhood to open space, transit and jobs and thereby increase mobility, promote active recreation, improve climate change resiliency and enhance our city’s competitiveness in the global economy.

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the current status of greenways in Boston and the surrounding area
the emerald network vision, connecting Boston and the surrounding areas with miles of interconnected greenways

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Greenway Legacy

Through the efforts of urban park pioneers Frederick Law Olmsted and Charles Eliot, Boston has a rich legacy of linear parks and greenways, but they were never finished. The Emerald Network builds on this portfolio of 100 miles of greenways to create a seamless 200+ mile network across the urban core, from the Mystic River in the north to the Neponset River in the south. 

 A map of Boston from 1893