Featured Greenway: Greenough Greenway

Greenough Greenway is a mile-long linear park located on the Charles River between the Eliot Bridge and the Arsenal Street Bridge in Watertown. Constructed in 1965, Greenough Boulevard was primarily characterized by wide car lanes dominating the river's shore and encouraging speeding. The Greenough Greenway project reclaimed a mile of waterfront parkland from the overbuilt highway and connected one of the best five kilometer path loops in Greater Boston. 

Combined with DCR’s Herter Park, the completed Greenough Greenway forms a 3.1-mile loop, providing new recreational opportunities for more than 80,000 people who live and work near the greenway. In addition, the public safety improvements are encouraging more people to use non-vehicular modes of transportation, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The project was funded through a public/private partnership between DCR and the Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation.


For people who walk: A one-mile walk along the Charles River. Scenery includes boathouses, schools, and cemeteries with close proximity to destinations in West Cambridge and Watertown.

For people who ride their bicycles: A low stress, one-mile ride that makes key connections to Fresh Pond Parkway, Charles River Road, and the Paul Dudley White trail on both sides of the Charles River.

Nearby Destinations

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Harvard Yard, Harvard Stadium, The Arsenal on Charles, Arsenal Park, Town of Watertown Commander’s MansionBelmont Hill Winsor Boathouse

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