In order to connect the already completed and in-progress greenways, LivableStreets is working to advance new greenways by providing technical resources and partnering with community stakeholders to move from idea to implementation.

If you have an idea for a proposed greenway in your neighborhood, consider applying to our newly launched Greenway Partners Program. Check out the Grand Junction Path and Arboretum Gateway Path to see how we are working to move these projects forward.


Roslindale_Arboretum_Gateway_Path.jpgArboretum Gateway PathLivableStreets is partnering with WalkUP Roslindale and Tufts University to further the idea for a path through the Arnold Arboretum, connecting Forest Hills and the Roslindale Village stations. (photo: Halvorson Design)



bikepath_render_developmentAfter_resized.jpgGrand Junction Path: This proposed shared-use path will run alongside the existing tracks in the Grand Junction corridor from the Boston University Bridge to the planned extension of the Community Path Extension (part of the Green line Extension). (photo: Friends of the Grand Junction Path)



Columbua_Road_at_72dpi_at_90_percent_opacity.jpgColumbia Road: Once envisioned as as a pleasant, green parkway along the Emerald Necklace, this traffic-filled corridor inhibits walking and biking between neighborhoods, stores, schools and open spaces. Along with LivableStreets, several neighborhood organizations are helping to reimagine this road as as a greenway connecting Franklin Park to Castle Island. (photo: NBBJ)



FG.jpgFairmount Greenway: The Fairmount Greenway is a partially completed 6 mile system of neighborways and green spaces that extends through Hyde Park, Mattapan, Dorchester, Roxbury, and South Boston. (photo: Michelle Moon)




Ruggles.jpgRoxbury to Fenway Connector: Boston Green Links is leading the design and community outreach process for a safe, green route to connect pedestrians and bicyclists using the Southwest Corridor to the Emerald Necklace and Fenway. (photo: Solomon Foundation and NBBJ)



1_SullivanSquare_FinalPresentation-36.jpgSullivan Square Greenway Link: As part of the design charrette hosted by LivableStreets, Nelson/Nygaard identified several opportunities to improve non-motorized circulation in and around Sullivan Square. This concept envisions a shared-use path along an abandoned rail line to connect the Mystic River and Harborwalk paths in Somerville and Charlestown. (photo: Nelson/Nygaard, Alta Planning, The Cecil Group)



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