Arboretum Gateway Path


The Arboretum Gateway Path will connect Forest Hills and Roslindale Village transit stations and create a new entrance to the Arnold Arboretum, making the park more visible and accessible to residents and visitors. Building off of the current and proposed sections of the Blackwell Path, this shared-use path is envisioned as an extension of the Southwest Corridor, providing safe and pleasant routes for walking and biking in Roslindale neighborhoods.  (photo: Halvorson Design).


With grassroots support from WalkUP Roslindale, LivableStreets led a Tufts Urban and Environmental Planning study. Tufts students spent their 2016 spring semester conducting outreach, planning and analysis to evaluate feasibility and build public support for the Arboretum Gateway Path. Results of the study can be found here.


The proposed route of the Arboretum Gateway Path, created by WalkUP Roslindale.

Partners & Resources

WalkUP Roslindale
Arboretum Park Conservancy
Arnold Arborteum
Universal Hub Article 03/08/16
Bulletin Article 03/16/16

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